Pepper - Just

1.0 kg
Rs. 800.00
Size: 1Kg

Product Details:

Organic. Fairtrade. Masters of flavor. Pungent and warming, black pepper can be added to most foods, both sweet and savory. Crushed for liberally sprinkling into pasta dishes, on top of pizza, or simply for seasoning meat and fish.


  • United Kingdom


Nutrient Amount DV
Carbohydrate 63.95 g 23 %
Fiber 25.3 g 90 %
Sugars 0.64 g
  Fructose 0.23 g
  Galactose 0.15 g
  Glucose (dextrose) 0.24 g
  Lactose 0.00 g
  Maltose 0.00 g
  Sucrose 0.02 g